About Us

Lawyer Eman Al - Asfour Senior

  • Lawyer before all courts in the State of Kuwait (Constitutional and Cassation Courts).
  • Member of the British Bar Association and a member of the International Bar Association "IBA".
  • Member of the Lebanon Bar Association.
  • Former lawyer in the National Bank.
  • Certified trainer holding training certificates for practicing the legal profession.
  • Owner of Eman Al Asfoor Law Group.

DR Wafa Al Sabah Professor

  • Master of Public Law.
  • PhD. in Constitutional Law, PhD dissertation entitled (Parliamentary Interrogation in the Kuwaiti Constitutional System), A Comparative Study.
  • Professor of constitutional and administrative law in the Public Authority for Applied Education.
  • General lecturer in legal seminars for all public bodies and institutions.
  • Peer-reviewed legal research that had been published in legal scientific peer-reviewed journals.
  • Research " The Parliamentary inquiry as a means to control over the executive authority in Kuwait and Egypt "
  • Research " Parliamentary immunity in both Egyptian and Kuwaiti regimes"
  • Research " The jurisdiction of the Kuwait Constitutional Court to bindingly interpret the constitutional texts "
  • Research " The Constitutionality of Law of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce of 1959 "
  • Research " The co-signatory rule and its impact on the dissolution of the Kuwaiti National Assembly "
  • Owner of Al-Malkiya Legal Consultancy Group.