Lawyer Eman Al - Asfour Senior

  • Law profession, as a virtue in keeping away of spoiling, can make one a nobleman with no birth, rich without money, superior with no need for a title, and happy without wealth.

    The legal profession derives its light from being a civilized necessity and because the faithful lawyer adheres to its norms and traditions by the independence of the legal profession from all the internal and external influences. The faithful lawyer focuses on defending the freedom of individuals and groups and aspires to upgrade them to the best and to an honourable tomorrow to be a strong partner of the judiciary in achieving justice, extinguishing falsehood and establishing the just judicial ruling.

    After administration of oath of respect for the profession and compliance with the decisions of the institution, I seek to avoid all methods that are contrary to the legal profession and make my profession as a message not a commodity, having the characteristics of honesty, impartiality, sacrifice and integrity.