Visiting Lawyer

  • Highly qualified lawyers to communicate with the client wherever it is.
  • Legal advisors, who communicate with the client wherever it is and provide it with the legal opinion.
  • Take all the legal procedures needed by the client to maintain all its rights.

Qualification Services

  • Legal qualifying courses for companies, factories and offices.
  • Qualify officials and employees to carry out their work within the scope of the law.
  • Qualify officials of companies, factories and offices to develop the disciplinary regulations in accordance with the Kuwaiti Labour Law.
  • Qualify officials and employees of companies respecting their knowledge of Kuwaiti Labour Law and leases.
  • Qualify officials and employees on the attendance of the leases Cases and following them.
  • Qualify employees for the dispute settlement process amicably with the litigants.


  • Representation before the arbitral tribunal of the Court.
  • Representation before the arbitrators determined by the client with the litigant.
  • Follow up arbitration and negotiation procedures to guarantee the interest of the client.
  • Follow up the enforcement procedures of awards rendered by the arbitral tribunal.

Judicial Services

  • File all Cases to the schedule of courts of different degrees.
  • Follow up all the Cases and representation of clients before all courts at different degrees and before Experts’ Department.
  • Maintain due diligence to each individual Case.
  • Receive rulings and process them.
  • Receive executive writs and process them.
  • Follow up implementation procedures.

Distinctive Services

Working with global leaders all over the world to:
  • Relations and cooperation with law offices in (USA, Britain, Egypt and UAE).
  • Provide our clients with diverse experience.
  • Provide professional attention to each claim seperately.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality for all clients
  • Deliver accuracy and speed in completing transactions.

Administration of Third Parties' Property

We are keen to preserve and manage your property by legal means.
  • Drafting contracts.
  • Lease of real estate.
  • Follow-up the tenants and collection of rents.
  • Filing of lease Cases of different types.